Met Police chief faces crisis over serial rapist officer

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Sir Mark Rowley says force ‘failed’ over David Carrick, who has pleaded guilty to 49 charges against 12 victims.

Sir Mark Rowley admits Met Police 'failed' women over rapist officer

Sir Mark Rowley, the Metropolitan Police Commissioner, faced his first major crisis less than five months into the job on Monday after it emerged that a Scotland Yard officer had carried out scores of rapes.

David Carrick, who joined the Met in 2001, has now pleaded guilty to 49 charges against 12 victims covering a total of 85 separate offences, making him one of Britain’s most prolific rapists.

He used his position as a police officer to gain the trust of his victims, sometimes flashing his warrant card and telling them they would be “safe” with him.

Most recently, Carrick served as an armed officer protecting Parliament and MPs, and the force has acknowledged that nine potential opportunities to catch him were missed.

These included that Carrick was arrested on suspicion of rape three months before he was eventually charged, shortly after Wayne Couzens had admitted the rape and murder of Sarah Everard, but was never suspended from the force. Carrick also missed vital vetting checks but then passed with flying colours, despite having numerous red flags against his name.

Sir Mark, who took over as Britain’s most senior police officer in September, spoke out on Monday night amid mounting pressure over the blunders and criticism from MPs after a day of silence. Politicians called for an investigation into the failings in the Carrick case.


Met Police chief faces crisis over serial rapist officer

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