Teacher faces career-ending decision for ‘misgendering’ student | World News

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An Evangelical Christian teacher in England could be permanently banned from teaching after he was suspended for referring to a biologically female student as a “girl.”

Joshua Sutcliffe was removed in November 2017 from his position as a teacher at the Cherwell School in Oxfordshire after he allegedly discriminated against a student by stating “well done, girls” when addressing the student’s small group during class. 

Sutcliffe was the focus of a number of allegations by the Teaching Regulation Agency (TRA) during the group’s professional conduct panel last week, according to the London-based Christian Legal Centre (CLC).

The hearing could ultimately result in Sutcliffe no longer being allowed to teach in the U.K.

In addition to the 2017 allegations, the TRA is considering comments made by Sutcliffe on his YouTube channel describing the Islamic prophet Muhammad as a “false prophet.”

Sutcliffe is also accused by officials at Cherwell of sharing his opposition to same-sex marriage after he was asked by a student about his views. That incident, according to CLC, occurred during a Bible study that was organized by a Christian group at the school. 

TRA officials also say Sutcliffe showed videos from conservative advocacy group PragerU titled “Make Men Masculine Again,” an allegation Sutcliffe denied.


Teacher faces career-ending decision for ‘misgendering’ student | World News

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