Something Is Coming! It’s Time to Fast! – YouTube

To say that there is something in the air that feels different and dangerous in our world is an understatement.

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8-year-olds taught extreme trans ideology in church school | Round the Table – YouTube

A Church of England school has justified secretly teaching 8-year-olds that they can change sex, encouraging the idea that 3-year-olds

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No Secrets – YouTube

Frank Pavone | The Ben Shapiro Show Sunday Special Ep. 134 – YouTube

These WOKE TikToks Prove Society Is On The Brink Of COLLAPSE – YouTube

The woke have taken over and now tiktok is their home. This leads me and many others to creating videos

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Cardinal Schönborn calls Gänswein book ‘unseemly indiscretion,’ confirms key detail of Benedict papacy – Catholic World Report

Is Congress Christian? Politicians’ religious beliefs vs. voters | Politics News

Is Congress Christian? A recent Pew Research Center study explores the religious composition of the 118th Congress — and the

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Cardinal Müller: Cardinal Pell was Pope Francis’ best theological counselor – Catholic World Report

Anglican Unscripted 782 – Living in Love & Faith – YouTube

Evening Meditations for the Second Wednesday after Epiphany ~ Alphonsus Liguori

Holy David said that the happiness of this life is as the dream of one awaking from sleep: As the dream of them that awake (Ps. lxxii. 20). All the greatness and glory of this world will appear no more to poor worldlings at the hour of death than a dream to one awaking from sleep, who finds that the fortune he had acquired in his dreams ends with his sleep.

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