Benedetto, Francesco: davvero i Vivi Invidiano i Morti? Mastro Titta. : STILUM CURIAE

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Benedict, Francesco: do the living really envy the dead?

Libero writes that Pope Francis found the emphasis placed on Benedict XVI by the Vatican media on the day of his funeral stinging, dimming his star, and is thinking of a good reshuffle among the communication labourers.

In the time of the transhuman, we must begin to postulate the transpapal: a man who envies the funeral of others, perhaps going so far as to make himself a tea with curare to finally enjoy the spectacle of his own, is the stuff of the highest English humorous literature, a Dickens, a Jerome, a a Woodehouse, a Waugh, a Chesterton. Surely I wrong someone by not quoting him, but one reads what one can.

I’ll fix with you, dear Tosatti, some elements of the plot for a story which, I’m more than sure, will write itself, so that nobody steals the idea from me. We have to go back to literature, possibly of good quality, abandoning the cult of the ethereal draft and gaping social communication, if we want to get out of this malodorous gut. It is the metaphor of art that introduces suspicion, the doubt of the most hidden eternal things in the epoch of the Revelation of everything and its opposite (Apocalypse?), not the luminous and smiling chronicle dressed in white.

Coming to practical things. I don’t know, and frankly I don’t care, what will happen to the excellent Ruffini, Bruni, Monda and Tornielli, professionals who can be taught little about their work, and they certainly won’t come to me to take lessons, who are the least of the peons in matter. After all, a purge threat works better than the purge itself: if you purge, you abandon the rough certain for an uncertain that is smooth only in your head. If you do not purge but only threaten to do so, it is dramatic action where you wield real power. Pope Francis is an undoubted lover of discipline.

But it is also, on closer inspection, the fragile side, the exposed side of cancel culture that finds no levees even in our Holy Mother Church, and it is the reason why any imposture, even the most aggressive, in the end miserably incinerates: why not it’s real power. This is why the Almighty lets it be done, lets blaspheme, deny, steal, kill, lie: because everything and every man invariably returns to Him, comes from Him and passes through Him through ways unknown to us.

We have never seen (yet) an advertisement on television about any of the sacraments, or to invite people to participate in the Corpus Christi procession: the sacred is what is separate, the word says it. And then the do ut des ratio, which is the true soul of commerce, disappears. God does not sell: he gives and offers. Bargaining is a human prerogative, and therefore also a papal one.


Benedetto, Francesco: davvero i Vivi Invidiano i Morti? Mastro Titta. : STILUM CURIAE

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