How Our Faith Matures Through the Storms

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What are our usual responses to the trials and storms of our lives? We try to avoid them as much as possible and then we try to survive them when they are inevitable. We hardly ask the question that every Christian ought to ask when facing storms of life: “How is this storm affecting my faith in Christ?”

St. Peter had some memorable experiences in the storm at sea as narrated in Mt 14:22-33. He almost had his boat overturned by waves and then he almost sank in the sea as he tried to walk on water. The experience of this storm eventually impacted his faith in Christ, as well as those of his colleagues, “Those who were in the boat did Him (Jesus) homage, saying, ‘Truly, you are the Son of God.’” They no longer saw Jesus as a ghost as they did before but they began to sense the presence of divinity in Him through this experience of the storm at sea.

Our faith in Christ too matures in and through the storms of life. But this maturation of our faith through the trials of life is not automatic. Our faith in Christ does not mature just by experiencing trials. We must also share in Peter’s Christ-centered dispositions if our faith is going to mature through the storms of life. We find these dispositions in Peter’s words to Jesus in the middle of the storm, “Lord, if is it you, command me to come to you on the water.”

The first disposition is one that says, “In the storms of my life, I resolve to still obey Christ and to do His will and not my will.” St. Peter does not step out of that boat without first hearing the command of Jesus to do so, “Command me.” He steps out only in obedience to the invitation of Jesus to Him, “Come.”

Our faith in Christ matures when we are ready to sacrifice our own self-will and listen to Him speaking to us in the storms of our lives. The fact that Peter heard the voice of Jesus over the raging winds and waves shows us that the voice of Jesus is obviously louder than the sound of the winds and waves of life’s storms. But we hardly listen to Him when we face storms. We only listen to ourselves, our own desires, and what we think will lead to our sense of wellness.


How Our Faith Matures Through the Storms

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