Evening Meditations for the Second Friday after Epiphany ~ Alphonsus Liguori

So, then, my Jesus, in order to save my soul, Thou hast prepared a bath of thine own Blood wherein to cleanse it from the filth of its sins. If, therefore, our souls have been bought by Thy Blood, for you are bought with a great price (1 Cor. vi. 20), it is a sign that Thou lovest them much; and as Thou dost love them, let us pray thus to Thee: We therefore pray thee to help thy servants, whom thou hast redeemed with thy precious blood. (Te Deum)

Trans protestors SHUT DOWN university talk on women’s rights | Professor Robert Wintemute – YouTube

NEW: Dark Origin and Agenda of Klaus Schwab’s World Economic Forum – YouTube

LifeSite journalist Frank Wright presents his in-depth investigations into the dark origin of the World Economic Forum, shadow leader Klaus

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Remembering the Asian theologian of ‘bits and pieces’ – UCA News

I will not bless gay marriages, says Archbishop of Canterbury – Telegraph

LIVE | March for Life 2023 from Washington, D.C. | #WhyWeMarch – YouTube

The Church is in Danger – YouTube

Recent messages from seers around the world all warn that the Catholic Church is in grave danger… but Our Lady

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Teacher cancelled for misgendering pupil: Calvin Robinson & Will Knowland discuss ‘bizarre” case’ – YouTube

“Surely this should be one of the things that is open for discussion and that a variety of perspectives are

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Every time Julia Hartley-Brewer asked her guests to define a woman – YouTube

A compilation of all the occasions in which TalkTV’s Julia Hartley-Brewer challenged her guests to define what a woman is,

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Church of England to bless sexual immorality? | Round the Table – YouTube

After six years of discussing the Church of England’s position on same-sex ‘marriage’, bishops have now announced plans to bless

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