One more step: Church of England bishops to bless same-sex unions – Catholic Herald

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The Church of England has been in turmoil about sex for as long as most of us have lived. Rather in the way climate alarmists anticipate the steady rise of sea levels, we have got used to the fact that the sea of sex is rising inexorably in Anglican ecclesial culture and debate. But this last week has seen one more turn of the wheel, with the authorisation by the House of Bishops of church blessings for same-sex couples after a civil ceremony, all the while refusing to endorse gay marriage itself in Church.

The decision has satisfied no one and instead frustrated everyone. Nobody has got what they wanted from the process euphemistically called “Living in Love and Faith” (LLF), which has been going on for six years now and is the Anglican equivalent of the synodal process in the Catholic Church.

As part of the LLF process, there have been endless consultations and accompaniments, “listenings” and journeyings, so that members of the C of E could experience the presence of the same-sex attracted who present themselves as both marginalised and victims.  The LGBTQ++ lobby has been energetically agitating to change the definition of marriage, craving the affirmation they attribute to the 98 per cent “opposite-sex” attracted from a reconfiguration of what marriage is deemed to mean.

It was Voltaire, that scourge of the lazy authoritarian, who famously insisted: “if you wish to converse with me, define your terms”. But sadly and problematically the Anglicans cannot or will not define their terms; and therein partly lies everyone’s frustration. A frustration that had nothing to do with sex, but everything to do with power. Think more Nietzsche than Jesus at this point. 

The problem lies in that it is not so much a matter of whether, as Pope Benedict the 16th advised, the Church of England is seen as an “ecclesial community”; it is just how many ecclesial communities it comprises of and what they all believe.


One more step: Church of England bishops to bless same-sex unions – Catholic Herald

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