The four sins against the Faith. – YouTube

The RADICAL Left Wants To Erase JK Rowling FOREVER – YouTube

JK Rowling is causing controversy again on social media with the Hogwarts Legacy boycott as the woke left are saying

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David Starkey: Can the West Survive? – YouTube

David Starkey CBE is an English historian and radio and television presenter. He is the author of more than 25

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Losing Faith: The Anglican Church’s Struggle for Relevance | ENDEVR Documentary – YouTube

God’s Business: An­gli­can’s Re­brand­ed | Losing Faith: The Anglican Church’s Struggle for Relevance in a Modern World | ENDEVR Documentary

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Ganswein’s new book on his life as a Secretary of Pope Benedict XVI – YouTube

Four days after the funeral of Benedict XVI, Archbishop Georg Gänswein, Benedict’s long-time personal secretary, met with Pope Francis in

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Sweden’s U-Turn on Trans Kids: The Trans Train: The New Patient Group & Regretters – YouTube

In May of 2021 Sweden announced a change of their policy regarding the medical and surgical transition of children. The

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BY ORDER OF THE POPE: ‘Monsignor Grindr” Reinstated, Latin Mass Cancelled – YouTube

Common Sense Crusade with Calvin Robinson | Sunday 22nd January – YouTube

Evening Meditations for the Third Sunday after Epiphany ~ Alphonsus Liguori

Let us be persuaded that the truly wise are those who know how to love God and to gain Heaven. Happy the man to whom God has given the science of the Saints (Sap. x. 10). Oh, how sublime that science which teaches us to know how to love God and to save our souls!

Unscripted: Benedict – YouTube

Five Christian Commentators join forces to talk about Pope Benedict and his influence on the church. Unscripted: Benedict – YouTube

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