DarwinCatholic: When A Marriage is not a Marriage

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Fr. James Martin was out doing Fr. James Martin things again yesterday, responding to a Catholic League piece which described civil same sex marriage as a “legal fiction” with the statement “Pete Buttigieg is married.”

As a good friend noted, the ensuing tempest is predictable and boring. Having scandalized many orthodox Catholics, if pressed theologically Fr. Martin will announce, “Oh, I only meant civilly married.  I of course agree with the Church’s teaching on marriage.” And so the dance of Fr. Martin pretending he doesn’t disagree with Catholic teaching will continue. It’s not just that some notable people in power seem to approve of Fr. Martin’s antics, it’s also that he has a strong Jesuit sense of how to make it clear to everyone what he really thinks while also maintaining the plausible deniability of never definitively saying something in clear contradiction of Church teaching.

However, in a society in which the Church’s understanding of marriage is increasingly alien, it’s perhaps worth taking a moment to consider the various senses in which Fr. Martin’s statement could be taken, and the senses in which it is true or false from a Catholic point of view.


DarwinCatholic: When A Marriage is not a Marriage

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