Latest books by Archbishop Georg Gänswein: coincidences? Mastro Titta. : STILUM CURIAE

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I have reliable information about the fact that the press file of the book ” Nothing but the truth ” is whirling in the undergrowth of the network free and happy as a hummingbird: chats, Telegram groups, emails.

There is a precedent concerning the book ” From the depths of our heart “, written by Robert Sarah with Joseph Ratzinger-Benedict XVI and published by Cantagalli: from Vatican university chats it reached various newspapers and sites, such as Le Formiche , who were among the very first to account for it. The controversies were heated .

It was the accident of the Sarah-Ratzinger double-signature book at the basis of Pope Francis’ reduction of Archbishop Gänswein to the contemplative dimension of his prefecture.

If it was not the main cause, it was however the pretext or at least one of the main accusations, because he as personal secretary of Benedict XVI and prefect of the Papal Household is at the center of these things, and many others far more important.

In both cases Gänswein was summoned and, gossips say, mercifully reprimanded. Following the first he was kicked out, or rather in a sort of limbo: a halved, non-operational prefect.

In the second, which always bears a double signature, his and Saverio Gaeta’s, we will see where it will be sent, whether to Urbisaglia or precisely to Gaeta. The offense will hardly be washed away with holy water.

In both cases (the first, released during the Amazon synod, was the extreme defense of priestly celibacy, the second promised revelations about what really happens in the Vatican) the release of the book has caused nervousness and embarrassment in the Mother House.


Ultimi Libri di Mons. Georg Gänswein: Coincidenze? Mastro Titta. : STILUM CURIAE

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