RORATE CÆLI: The Council and the Eclipse of God by Don Pietro Leone: CHAPTER 11 (part 1) : The Effects of Council Teaching

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After having terminated his analysis of the Council and its causes, Don Pietro returns to the quotation at the beginning of the book: “How does the city sit solitary that was full of people…?” attempting to understand the present state of the Church and the world in the light of his findings. He first surveys the heterodoxy and the chastisement of the Church and the World subsequent to the Council, and then the role that the devil has played in that work of devastation.          F. R.

‘And the fifth angel sounded the trumpet: and I saw a star fall from Heaven upon the earth. And there was given to him the key of the bottomless pit. And he opened the bottomless pit: and the smoke of the pit arose, as the smoke of a great furnace. And the sun and the air were darkened with the smoke of the pit.’ Apc. 9.1-2.

 The Patristic Commentaries on the Book of Apocalypse understand the angel here mentioned as the devil, given a key by a High Priest in order to unleash heresies and evils, so contaminating the pure air of the Faith. Father Wolfe [1] suggests that the person identified by the Fathers of the Church as a High Priest is in fact the Pope himself who gives the key of Peter to the devil for the opening of the pit. In this connection we mention the remark of Father Congar: ‘The Council destroyed what I would call the unconditionality of the system. What I understand by ‘system’ is a complete and very coherent body of ideas transmitted by the teachings of Roman Universities, codified by Canon Law, protected by the strict and quite efficient vigilance of Pius XII, with reports, admonitions , the submission of writings to Roman censors etc. – in short, a whole ‘system’. With the Council, this was broken up. Tongues were loosened. The subterraneous elements surfaced …” [2].We have above seen Father Congar as protagonist of collegiality, ecumenism, and indifferentism regarding the Jews [3]. As such he himself played an important rôle in the destruction of the ‘unconditionality of the system.’ The heresies and evils unlocked by the key of the angel may be understood as the Council’s abuse of its munera, an abuse which constitutes Antirealist Subjectivism in the form of self-deifying atheism. This abuse in its turn has, in our view, also merited chastisement and augmented the devil’s power over the Church [4]. We shall accordingly proceed to examine:                       

 A.     The Effects of Council Teaching in terms of Postconciliar Heterodoxy;                      

B.     The Effects of Council Teaching in terms of Chastisement;                      

C.     The Effects of Council Teaching in terms of Demonology.


RORATE CÆLI: The Council and the Eclipse of God by Don Pietro Leone: CHAPTER 11 (part 1) : The Effects of Council Teaching

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