Conservative Anglicans add their criticism of the Bishops’ same-sex blessing plan

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THE College of Bishops in the Church of England has “blatantly ignored the global Anglican consensus” by agreeing that clergy should be permitted to bless same-sex unions in church, the Global Anglican Futures Conference (Gafcon) has said.

On Wednesday, the College of Bishops announced its response to the Living in Love and Faith (LLF) discernment process, central to which was the provision of prayers, dedication, and services of blessing for same-sex couples, alongside an apology to the LGBT community for their exclusion hitherto.

In an open letter distributed on Thursday, the Gafcon chair, Dr Foley Beach, writes of a “crisis of leadership” in the C of E. “Once again, our Western Anglican Provinces continue to ‘go their own way’ on matters of faith and practice without consultation or concern for the majority of Anglicans around the Global Communion.

“Their actions not only deny holy practice, but reject the authority of scripture, the teaching of the historic Church, and the consensus of the Body of Christ from every tribe, tongue, people and nation alive today.”

The Global Anglican Future movement dates from a conference (hence Gafcon) in Jerusalem in 2008. It is a loose fellowship of conservative Anglicans both within the Anglican Communion and those who have broken away to form their own Churches while still using the label “Anglican”.

Dr Beach continues: “Especially troubling is the clear and wilful decision by the bishops to blatantly ignore the global Anglican consensus (as well as many more other Christian traditions) and ‘bless’ in the Name of Christ and the Church what God clearly calls sin. God does not bless sin regardless of the stamp of endorsement by church leaders, clergy, and bishops.”

And he adds: “We cannot follow the Church of England down this path which leads to spiritual and moral bankruptcy. Lord, have mercy upon us all.”


Conservative Anglicans add their criticism of the Bishops’ same-sex blessing plan

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