The different faces of Antifa in Dublin and Atlanta – Gript

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While the small counter protest in support of the state’s disastrous immigration policy at Stephen’s Green on Saturday was top heavy with NGO types earning a bit of overtime, and the sort of oddballs who it is hard to imagine would have been of much use at the Battle of Stalingrad, there was some curious symbolism present given the organisers commitment to being nice and caring and the dispensation of group hugs, etc, etc.

For there, among the other emblems, fluttered the flag of Anti Fascist Action, whose entire raision d’etre, mostly notional other than occasional acts of thuggery sometimes associated with soccer hooligans, is violence.  And lest one doubt that, devotees of the same movement later took to the streets of Atlanta, Georgia for a night of mayhem which followed the shooting dead by police of an armed ultra-leftist.

Manuel Teran died when he was shot by police after he had allegedly opened fire on a police patrolman on Wednesday. The police were engaged in clearing the proposed site of a new police college of far-left protestors who have been encamped there since 2021. Several other extremists have been arrested and charged with domestic terrorism.

Anti Fascist Action in Atlanta have been at the centre of the protests, and Saturday evening was scheduled to be a so-called ‘Night of Rage.’

This turned, as was intended, into widespread violence. Buildings were attacked and police vehicles overturned and burned. The fact that similar violence, organised by Antifa and Black Lives Matter, was a key factor in attempting to destabilise the former Trump administration in the months leading to the 2020 Presidential election has meant that American Democrats and the liberal media continue to be somewhat ambivalent about the far left.


The different faces of Antifa in Dublin and Atlanta – Gript

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