Evening Meditations for the Third Saturday after Epiphany ~ Alphonsus Liguori

This has been the one chief and dearest endeavour of all the Saints, — to desire with their whole heart to endure all toil, contempt and pain, in order to please God, and thus to please that Divine Heart which so much deserves to be loved, and loves us so much.

Old Romans Unscripted Ep 158 Contra impugnantes – YouTube

On the 700th anniversary of St Thomas Aquinas’s canonization the panel consider what would he have made of today’s situation

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Skull of St. Thomas Aquinas unveiled at 700th anniversary of his canonization | Catholic News Agency

Pope Francis clarifies comments on sin and homosexuality | Catholic News Agency

Pope Francis speaks at his general audience in Paul VI Hall on Jan. 18, 2023. | Daniel Ibanez/CNA By Hannah Brockhaus

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Liturgical Year: January 27th – YouTube

Candlemas & The Purification of the Church | Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre – YouTube

The Exorcist Files – YouTube

Fr. Carlos Martins is our guest on this episode. He breaks down his powerful new program on YouTube, iHeart, Spotify,

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Vegan LGBT police groups distracting officers fighting crime Priti Patel

Former home secretary said it was ‘deeply concerning’ staff networks had ‘strayed beyond the acceptable bounds of political impartiality’ Vegan

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Pope’s chief of staff could undercut star witness in Vatican’s ‘trial of the century’ | Crux

A ‘hate crime’ at Montana Catholic churches? Some think so – Catholic World Report

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