Today’s ✠Challoner Meditation: February 6th On turning from sin to God

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✠Challoner Meditation February 6th



Consider first, that every wilful sinner is guilty of two enormous evils, according to that of Jerem. ii. 12, 13. ‘Be astonished, O ye heavens – For my people have done two evils. They have forsaken me, the fountain of living water, and have digged to themselves cisterns, (pits,) broken cisterns that can hold no water.’ Yes, Christians, in every mortal sin, there are always these two exceeding great evils, viz., the turning away from a God infinitely good, and the very fountain of all goodness and life, and the embracing in his stead, that hellish monster, sin by the allurements of some deceitful appearance of an imaginary happiness, justly compared by the prophet to a broken cistern, that can hold no water, but only filth and mud. Wherefore, in the conversion of a sinner, there must also be always two principal ingredients, opposite to those two great evils, viz., the turning away from sin, with horror, detestation, and sorrow, for having offended a God, infinitely good in himself, and infinitely good to us: and the returning back to God, to embrace his holy law, and to dedicate the years that remain of life to his obedience, service, and love. Happy conversion, that thus brings the poor sinner back, from the very worst of evils, to his sovereign good!

Consider 2ndly, that this turning away of the soul from sin, which is a necessary ingredient of the sinner’s conversion, must be effectual, that is, the soul must turn away from her sins in effect; she must not content herself with a slight sorrow for her sins; nor with faint purposes of amendment, nor with a half will, nor yet with making some weak efforts towards beginning a new life. But she must renounce her sins with her whole heart; she must detest them above all evils; she must hate them worse than hell; she must fly and abhor like a pestilence all such company, or other occasions, as may expose her to the danger of relapsing into them; she must be absolutely and resolutely determined never more to return to them, upon any consideration whatsoever. This is being penitent indeed, but to pretend to be true converts without leaving our sins is all mockery.

Consider 3rdly, that the principal ingredient of the conversion of a sinner is the turning to God with his whole heart, as the principal ingredient of sin is the turning away from God. Wherefore the true convert must not only leave the husks of the swine, which he has hitherto set his heart upon, but he must arise and return to the embraces of his Father, with a contrite and humble, but loving heart, resolved henceforward to be the eternal servant of his divine love. he must remember that ‘many sins are forgiven to him that loveth much,’ Luke vii, and that he that has been the greatest debtor is the most obliged to love with his whole heart that merciful creditor, who shows so much love to him in being so ready to discharge him of his great debts. In a word, a constant adhesion to God, by love and obedience, must be the perpetual business of a true convert. His whole life, for the time he has yet to come, must be dedicated and consecrated to divine love. This is his best security for the remission of all his past sins; this is the best preservative form all sin for the future.

Conclude to show thyself to be a true convert from sin to God, by renouncing all thy criminal affections, and sacrificing them all to the love of God, by hating what thou hast hitherto loved, and embracing with thy whole soul thy Lord and Saviour, crucified for the love of thee.

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