Evening Meditations for Septuagesima Friday ~ St Alphonsus Liguori

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Our God is omnipotent: who, then, will ever overcome and conquer Him? Love towards man has conquered and triumphed over Him, says St. Bernard. For His love has caused Him to die in torments upon a disgraceful Cross to secure man’s salvation. O infinite Love! Unhappy the soul that loves Thee not!

What man, not a believer, passing by Calvary on that day when Jesus was dying on the Cross, and enquiring who was that criminal, crucified in such a mangled state, was told it was the Son of God, true God, equal with His Father, would not have said with the Gentiles that to believe such things was folly? “It appeared folly,” says St. Gregory, “that the Author of life should die for men.” If it would have appeared folly to suppose that a king would become a worm for the love of a worm, greater still would have appeared the folly of believing that God had become Man for the love of man, to die for man. This led St. Mary Magdalen de Pazzi to say, concerning this immense love of God, “My Jesus, Thou lovest us to madness.”

And, alas! I, a miserable sinner, have not loved God, but have many times offended Him!


Christian, lift up your eyes, and behold that afflicted one upon the Cross, oppressed with grief and torments, struggling in His agony, on the point of expiring, dying for the pure love of you. Know you who He is? He is your God. And if you believe that He is your God, ask who has reduced Him to such a miserable condition. “What has done this?” asks St. Bernard. He answers: “Love has done it, regardless of its own dignity.” It was love, which refuses no pain, or disgrace, when it would make itself known and exert itself for its beloved.

O Jesus, it was because Thou didst so much love me, that Thou didst suffer so much for me: if Thou hadst loved me less Thou wouldst have suffered less. I love Thee, my dear Redeemer, with my whole heart. And how can I refuse God my whole love, when He has not refused me His Precious Blood, His life? I love Thee, O Jesus, my Love, my All! Holy Mary, Virgin of virgins, help me by thy prayers faithfully to love Jesus.

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