Evening Meditations for the First Tuesday in Lent ~ St Alphonsus Liguori

So great was the desire of Jesus to suffer for us that in the night preceding His death, He not only went of His own will into the Garden, where He knew that the Jews would come and take Him, but knowing that Judas the traitor was already near at hand with the company of soldiers, He said to His disciples, Arise, let us go; behold he that will betray me is at hand (Mark xiv. 42)…

Live stream : February 28th, 2023 – YouTube

Many stories have been written in the pages of Inside the Vatican magazine during these 30 years, and many have

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Matt Walsh: What is a woman, Dylan Mulvaney and the American gender-critical movement | SpectatorTV – YouTube

Winston speaks with American author, film-maker, political commentator and activist Matt Walsh. They discuss Matt’s film ‘What Is A Woman’

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Traditional Latin Mass Attendees Waiting to See Impact of New Vatican Restrictions| National Catholic Register

Christians seek protection as violence continues in central India – UCA News

Albany Diocese Bans Latin Masses Following New Guidance From the Vatican| National Catholic Register

The Art of Spiritual Journaling

Francis Declares Trads Are Faithless Ideologues While Actually Being An Ideologue – YouTube

If You Want a Happy Marriage, Take the Marital Debt Seriously – Crisis Magazine

Few subjects raise such ire and disgust as the marital debt, but it is the teaching of the universal Church,

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Traditional Latin Mass: the latest pawn in the Vatican chess game – Catholic Herald

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