Evening Meditations for the First Wednesday in Lent ~ St Alphonsus Liguori

So great was the desire of Jesus to suffer for us that in the night preceding His death, He not only went of His own will into the Garden, where He knew that the Jews would come and take Him, but knowing that Judas the traitor was already near at hand with the company of soldiers, He said to His disciples, Arise, let us go; behold he that will betray me is at hand (Mark xiv. 42)…

Imagining a Heretical Cardinal | Thomas J. Paprocki | First Things

Imagine if a cardinal of the Catholic Church were to publish an article in which he condemned “a theology of

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Extra, extra! News and views for March 1, 2023 – Catholic World Report

Other Steubenvilles? What U.S. dioceses might face merger plans?

What U.S. dioceses might face the prospect of merging? We look at the numbers. READ ON BELOW… Other Steubenvilles? What

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The Equalization of Religions and the Troublesome Abu Dhabi Declaration – Crisis Magazine

The Abu Dhabi Declaration suggests an equalization of religions, a problem that has plagued interreligious dialogue since the beginning. Today

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Today’s ✠Challoner Meditation: On the Ember Wednesday in Lent

Meditations for every day of the year by Bishop ✠Richard Challoner

MUST WATCH: Trump Predicts WW3. Meanwhile Vatican Worried About Latin Mass, LGBT – YouTube

Presidential candidate and former Republican President Donald Trump is predicting that World War 3 is imminent. Will rising tensions in

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Pope Francis: the TLM, Joint Worship, and The Next Pope – YouTube

Pope Francis: the TLM, Joint Worship, and The Next Pope Pope Francis: the TLM, Joint Worship, and The Next Pope

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Francis REWARDS The DESTROYER Of Latin Masses With A Promotion – YouTube

The 11-minute-a-day habit that could ward off an early death

Scientists extol the health benefits of regular activity that ‘doesn’t have to involve what we normally think of as exercise’

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