Cardinal wants to change Church’s moral teaching

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Munich Archbishop Cardinal Reinhard Marx has called for a debate on the Church’s sexual morality. In the past, theology, preaching and pastoral care often painted a negative picture of human sexuality: “It was associated with guilt and sin, which also led to repression and double standards,” Marx said on Bavarian radio on Saturday. In the process, he said, we have lost sight of the fact that the Christian image of man also wants to open up positive perspectives for sexuality.

The reappraisal of sexual abuse in the Catholic Church has shown “that there is a basic problem in the relationship between church and sexuality”, the archbishop said. “Passion, lust and sex against reason, love and morality? It sometimes sounds a bit like there is either a sinful, drive-driven and unreasonable life or the ideal of pure love.” But that has little to do with reality. The Freising Diocesan Museum is taking up this theme from Saturday in a new exhibition entitled “Damned Desire – Church.Body.Art“.


Cardinal wants to change Church’s moral teaching

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