Night Prayers for Lent ~ Dom Prosper Guéranger

During the season of Lent, the Christian, on preparing for sleep, will unite himself with the Church… 

Evening Meditations for the Second Sunday in Lent ~ St Alphonsus Liguori

Behold how Judas, arriving in the Garden together with the soldiers, advances, embraces his Master, and kisses Him. Jesus suffers him to kiss Him; but, knowing already his evil intent, could not refrain from complaining of this most unjust treachery, saying, Judas, betrayest thou the son of man with a kiss? (Luke xxii. 48). Then those insolent servants crowd round Jesus, lay hands upon Him and bind Him as a villain: The servants of the Jews apprehended Jesus, and bound him. (John xviii. 12).soldiers, He said to His disciples, Arise, let us go; behold he that will betray me is at hand (Mark xiv. 42)…


To help understand and strengthen our belief in the Catholic Faith to the fullest, by sharing of testimonies, information, Catechisms,

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Reign of terror in Rome bringing sadness to the Holy City

Second Sunday of Lent: The Transfiguration of Our Lord| National Catholic Register

March 1st 2023 – The Altar is Installed – Building The Immaculata – YouTube

AI, Man & God | Prof. John Lennox – YouTube

John is joined by mathematician, bioethicist and Christian apologist Professor John Lennox for a profound conversation centered on the current

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INTERVIEW: Fr. Gerald Murray – New Rules from the Vatican RESTRICTING The Latin Mass! – YouTube

His Excellency, Bishop Charles McGuire, tells his story – YouTube

Bishop McGuire tells of his time as a young Catholic boy in Ohio to an international role in the footsteps

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Today’s ✠Challoner Meditation: On the Second Sunday in Lent

Meditations for every day of the year by Bishop ✠Richard Challoner

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