Father Rupnik under no constraint under the Pope’s windows

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Father Rupnik’s reflection on marriage is still present on the portal of the diocese of Rome, with expressions which, re-interpreted in the light of the sex scandal that has come to light, cannot fail to arouse disgust. Between the Jesuits and the diocese it seems like a race to pretend nothing happened.

More than one person must not have fully understood the seriousness of what Fr. Marko Rupnik has been committing since the mid-eighties; acts that have destroyed the lives of many women and have besmirched the Church, the priesthood and religious life.

The first are precisely the leaders of the Society of Jesus, who – as we have seen – do not seem to have the intention of really clarifying the facts or proceeding with the dismissal of their illustrious brother from the clerical state. After the declaration of the DIR (Interprovincial Houses and Works of the Society of Jesus in Rome), silence fell on the matter, with Rupnik who to date has not yet suffered a sanction proportionate to what he committed (and we recall that the accusations have been declared well founded by the Jesuits themselves). And the only one he had suffered, for the simple fact that it was an “automatic” excommunication, was taken away in record time. And still today it is not known by whom.

Then the members of the Aletti Centre, whose behavior appears totally disconnected from reality. It remains to be seen whether it is a question of misunderstanding of the problem or whether it is the result of the influence of the personality of Rupnik, who was its director for many years. The fact is that the Centre, which – repetita iuvant – continues to keep Rupnik’s homilies in full view on its website, has come out with a letter, in which friends are reassured that the work of the atelier will continue. The management team that runs the Atelier is in fact by now «able to assume responsibility for a construction site both from the theological-liturgical and artistic-creative point of view, and from the technical-administrative point of view. This will allow us to fulfill all the commitments made up to now and to take on new ones». So reassures the Center.


Father Rupnik under no constraint under the Pope’s windows

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