How can Christian parents help their children navigate their sexual desire wisely? | Article | NexGen

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Premier NexGen talks to Bobbi Kumari, whose ministry aims to challenge the lies around sexuality

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Premier NexGen: Your book ’Sacred Sexuality: Rewire Your Desire Towards True Intimacy’, sounds like a book for older Christians, but you very much believe that education about sex, desire and intimacy needs to start with teens. Why is this?

Bobbi Kumari: I actually believe educating our children about sex, desire and intimacy is something we should intentionally foster not from teen years – but from birth – because our capacity to be intimate as humans, begins being shaped from the moment we are born (if not before). Therefore healthy, holy intimacy is something that we should role model to our children from their earliest age, by holding them, making eye contact, talking to them with love and letting them see love openly enjoyed in the home. I can’t stress how important it is, in this highly sexualised world that we live in, that our homes are filled with healthy intimacy. If this is already in place, then having wholesome, liberating conversations about sex, with our children throughout their childhood is less taboo, far more natural and provides children with a safe, loving space to ask questions and share their thoughts.

Children are also then far more equipped to resist the lies about gender and sexuality which so often bombard them at increasingly younger ages, whether it’s from media and entertainment, being around older siblings and peers, being in school settings or friendship groups. Having this foundation in place in the home will enable children to be far more discerning when they are faced with counterfeit intimacy because they would have already been personally acquainted with true intimacy as a lifestyle.


How can Christian parents help their children navigate their sexual desire wisely? | Article | NexGen

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