La Strage del Siero nelle Cifre Ufficiali UK. 63mila Morti in Eccesso. : STILUM CURIAE

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Official data from the British government has revealed a shocking truth that has left the population in a state of disbelief. England and Wales suffered the highest number of excess deaths in over half a century in 2022, and an unbroken streak of excess deaths since week 16 of 2022 which equates to 62,543 excess deaths starting until March 2023.

And the main cause of this huge increase in deaths is the COVID-19 vaccination.
What is more shocking is that mainstream media journalists have decided to hide the truth from the public, driven by their ambition and the belief that they will not be held accountable for their actions.
They thought the British public would be too lazy to ‘write down their homework’, so to speak. But they overlooked the fact that an independent news organization busy reporting the facts that the mainstream media refuses to report would verify their quietly published article.
The BBC, the widely but grossly unfairly trusted UK government news/propaganda source, and its reporters have knowingly lied about the safety of the Covid-19 vaccine and have lied to the public.
They stated unequivocally that the Covid-19 vaccine was not responsible for a record year of deaths, providing a “source” to prove it. They said data up to June 2022, including deaths from all causes, showed that unvaccinated people were more likely to die than those vaccinated.
They then went on to say that “if vaccines were at the root of excess deaths, we would expect the opposite.”


La Strage del Siero nelle Cifre Ufficiali UK. 63mila Morti in Eccesso. : STILUM CURIAE

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