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Axe-grinding political obsessives could kill off reading.

Chaya Raichik, owner of the popular twitter account Libs of Tiktok, has announced she is publishing a children’s book. No More Secrets: The Candy Cavern tells, according to reports, “the story of Rose, a second-grade lamb whose new teacher is more bent on giving his pupils sweets than teaching them about counting and reading”. Rose faces a dilemma: should she do what Mr Wooly asks and keep the sweets a secret, or should she tell her parents? Rose plumps for the latter — luckily for her, because in a stunning plot twist, Mr Wooly the teacher turns out to be a wolf.

Perhaps you’ve already guessed it, readers, but it seems that No More Secrets is not just about lambs, wolves, and sweets. No, it’s also about teachers changing the pronouns and otherwise affirming the gender identities of school children behind parents’ backs. Self-described queer educators are a staple of Libs of TikTok, along with other narcissists filming themselves doing or saying nonsensical things in the name of social justice: transwomen complaining about their non-existent periods, white women castigating other white women for denying they’re racist, drag queens pole dancing for babies, and so on. Raichik offers these snippets up to her 1.9 million followers daily, for general Right-wing mockery and headshaking about moral decline.


Stop trying to indoctrinate kids – UnHerd

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