Biden’s transgender agenda is extreme and inhumane – Catholic Herald

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President Biden has been let out again, this time to inform us that laws preventing the mutilation of the bodies of gender-confused children is, in fact, sinful. 

He was criticising Florida’s regulation of transgender medical care for children and its ban on gender ideology in the classroom, calling the measures “close to sinful”.

Biden said in an interview with Daily Show guest-host Kal Penn: “What’s going on in Florida is, as my mother would say, close to sinful. I mean it’s just terrible what they’re doing.”

Although the president did not specify which laws he was referring to, Republican lawmakers in Florida and other states have introduced bills and regulations to protect children from transgender medical interventions and restrict classroom instruction in gender ideology.

This is a classic example of Newspeak, namely labelling something the exact opposite of what it is. In Orwell’s 1984, the “Ministry of Love” was where those who even thought about challenging Big Brother were tortured. The “Ministry of Truth” was a lie machine where Winston rewrote historical records to conform to the state’s ever-changing version of history. 

Likewise, Biden is calling compassionate law-making sinful whereas in fact the sin – the grave diabolical sin – is transgender activists pushing gender ideology onto vulnerable children who are struggling with their bodies and lying to them by saying that they can change from a boy to a girl.

Not only is this directly contrary to Catholic teaching, but it is also directly contrary to science. Whatever desperately horrible changes you may make to your body, you will always remain the sex you were assigned at conception – either male or female. You can never change your chromosomes. 

It is a horrifying fact that surgeons and activists have been preying on impressionable confused youths in the United States, and that there has been a big increase in transgender “surgery”. It helps that this is a big profit-making scheme, as admitted previously by a medical doctor. Transgender surgery often means performing double mastectomies on girls and castrating teenage boys. “No national data is available, but one study found the number of mastectomies — sometimes called “top surgery” — performed on girls under 18 in California had risen 13-fold in the last decade, with children as young as 12 offered the irreversible operations,” the Daily Mail reported on Monday. 

It is the very definition of evil.  


Biden’s transgender agenda is extreme and inhumane – Catholic Herald

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