Has Bishop Bode committed schism?

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Have German bishops committed the crime of schism? Will the Holy See declare it?

Bishop Franz-Josef Bode at a plenary session of the synodal way in Frankfurt, Germany, on Sept. 9, 2022. © Synodaler Weg/Maximilian von Lachner.

The deputy chairman of the German bishops’ conference on Thursday invited Catholics in his diocese to contact parishes for liturgical blessings of their same-sex partnerships and other relationships regarded as morally illicit in the Catholic Church.

The move comes after the “synodal way” – an assembly of laity and bishops aiming to reform the Church in Germany – approved last week a resolution urging German bishops to officially permit same-sex blessings in their dioceses.

Because the Vatican announced recently that such blessings are impossible for the Church, some Catholics have asked whether Bishop Franz-Josef Bode’s announcement is formally an act of schism, a canonical crime which carries with it the penalty of excommunication.


Has Bishop Bode committed schism?

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