Raymond Arroyo laments push to erase stories of US heroes | Children’s News

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Raymond Arroyo believes it’s of the utmost importance to remember history and share it with children — especially as society increasingly seeks to erase stories of American figures that left an undeniable impact on the United States. 

“We ignore history at our own peril,” Arroyo, a bestselling author and the host of EWTN’s “The World Over,” told The Christian Post. He lamented that increasingly, people seem to think “there is something flawed about the history of the past, that they are better than their past.”

“I’m not sure that’s true,” he said. “I don’t think we’re any better than anybody else. In fact, I think, in some ways, we’re a lot worse. So it’s important to mark history and abide by these lessons.”

“We’re part of a chain here. We’re not isolated in our own little moment,” he added. “We are part of the people who brought us to this point. And it’s important for us to know them and mark them and revere them or take lessons from the bad choices, the bad decisions they made. When you don’t do that, you suffer those things again and again and again.”

Fueled by the belief that the lives and accomplishments of historic American figures need to be remembered, Arroyo penned a children’s picture book series titled Turnabout Tales. His first installment in the series is based on the younger years of inventor Thomas Alva Edison.


Raymond Arroyo laments push to erase stories of US heroes | Children’s News

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