EXCLUSIVE: Anger” and “fear” amongst Gardai over new trans policy – Gript

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Sources within An Garda Síochána have told Gript that they are “furious” that a new policy, which they fear could see them disciplined for refusing to use a person’s preferred pronouns, has been introduced “suddenly…and without any apparent consultation of staff.”

Compliance with the new policy, titled ‘Gender Identity in the Workplace,’ is ‘mandatory’ for all members of An Garda Síochána and Garda staff.  A Garda Headquarters Directive, signed by the Acting Executive Director of the Garda HR Department, Yvonne Cooke, formerly of the PSNI, had previously been sent to all officers and stations – that directive informed officers that a new policy was shortly to be sent to them and stated that “strict compliance” with the policy and procedure would be required from all staff.

The procedure associated with the new policy, titled ‘Gender Identity in the Workplace Procedure,’ states that “refusing to address a person by their expressed Gender pronoun or a new name” will be considered to constitute discrimination under both the Employment Equality Act 1998 and the Equal Status Act 2000, as will “refusing support on the basis of an individual’s Gender identity or Gender expression.”

Gript talked to multiple sources working within the Gardai about the introduction of the policy and its related procedure, all of whom requested anonymity due to a fear that speaking out would lead to reprisals from the organisation. One source said that people within the organisation, who disagreed with the policy, were “terrified to speak about it, except in hushed tones to close friends.”

Some sources spoke of their opposition to the new policy on religious grounds, with one source stating that, “as a practising Catholic,” they were “being forced, with the threat of losing my job, to disregard the articles of my faith in order to comply.” That source said they were afraid that refusing to comply with the policy could lead to them being terminated from their position.


EXCLUSIVE: Anger” and “fear” amongst Gardai over new trans policy – Gript

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