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A brief look back - part 2

Dr Pat Fagan told us that data overwhelmingly shows on every single measure that children do best in a married biological family. No-fault divorce, he said, is a travesty of justice. We need a bottom-up approach to restoring marriage, he concluded: parents need to take care of their marriage and raise their kids to take care of their own marriages.

Ann Widdecombe argued that once you redefine marriage there’s no way you can stop it from being redefined again. The rise of the trans lobby and abandonment of terms like mother and father, Ann felt, were predictable outcomes of the legal change. People need to gently say what they think. The law is on our side, and we’re the only people who can change things.

Scott Hahn said the state takes an interest in marriage because it contributes to the common good in an extraordinary way. The single most important thing you can do to advance our society and preserve civilisation, he said, is simply to go home, enjoy the friendship of your spouse, and fulfil the commitments that you made.

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