Irish politician’s refusal ‘to gender’ his newborn son is an act of cruelty – Catholic Herald

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I have a friend who works in the NHS.  She is a middle-aged normal person. She works with two other middle-aged normal people, one young person (woman) who self identifies as “they” and one other young woman, fresh out of university, who acts as enforcer of all that must now be deemed acceptable.  She doesn’t have a whip, but she would use it only for good if she did have one. 

My friend found herself in a very important and time-pressured situation.  Four of the five met together to discuss safeguarding concerns raised about the fifth person (the “they”).  My friend led the conversation, trying to impart accurate information as quickly as possible.  Every time she used the terms “she” or “her” to refer to the “they” (even though the “they” is a “she”) the non-armed guard stopped her and asked her to refer to “them” by their chosen pronouns, even when they were not in the room.  

A discussion about the importance of using the correct pronouns followed, before my friend could resume the crucial act of sharing concerns raised.  However, she accidently continued to use the terms “she” and “her” because that it what she has been accustomed to calling women speaking for over four decades. It looks like she will need further brainwashing until it becomes second nature. 

Following the meeting, my friend, then, had to enter written details of the concern into a database.  When she had finished, she was asked to rewrite it, because she had again made the mistake of accuracy by referring to the “they” as a “she”.  

She duly rewrote the report accordingly, which with the corrected language (“they” instead of “she”), implied that there were a number of people involved in the incident rather than the one woman, as was the reality.  Seeing that this report could be misleading, the intolerant tolerance officer asked my friend to put a note at the bottom which read, “The report above refers to only one woman, who chooses to identify as ‘they’. The pronouns used should not be understood as referring to more than one person.”

And so that’s that then: Insanity-ville. 


Irish politician’s refusal ‘to gender’ his newborn son is an act of cruelty – Catholic Herald

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