Let God Purify Our Faith This Lent

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Let God Purify Our Faith This Lent

Iremember the Act of Faith that we memorized in our Catechism class. It began by professing faith in the Triune God and the Incarnation of the Word, and then it ended with this statement:

“I believe these truths and all the truths which the Holy Catholic Church teaches, because you have revealed them, who can neither deceive nor be deceived.”

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This last statement indicates that the motive for our faith must be constantly clarified and purified i.e., why we believe what we believe. We do not believe because we understand God’s words completely or because of what we can get by believing. We do not believe because it is easy, convenient, favorable to our taste or fashionable for our times. We believe and act on God’s words because the God who gratuitously reveals truth to us “can neither deceive nor be deceived.” This is the true and matured motive for Christian faith.   

Let us reflect on the faith of Abraham, our father in faith. Imagine his shock and dilemma when God asked him to take his only son, Isaac, and offer him as a burnt sacrifice on Mount Moriah. He surely did not understand then why God was giving this command. Isaac was not just his only son, the son that he had longed for all those years. Isaac was also the son God promised him. To lose his only son would be to lose everything he had and all that God had promised him.


Let God Purify Our Faith This Lent

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