Barbie Kardashian is an extremely violent man. The media and the law are facilitating him. – Gript

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In 2021, the Irish Examiner ran a sympathetic article on the difficulties transgender prisoners were facing in Limerick’s women’s corrective facility, strongly suggesting that they were being unfairly treated because of who they were.

Two transgender women in Limerick Prison are locked in their cells for up to 23 hours a day, with one of the inmates describing her isolation as “mental torture” and the other saying it was “worse than hell”.

Their plight is highlighted in a report by the Inspector of Prisons, who said the two prisoners live an “extremely isolated existence”.

The piece and also shared the “concern” expressed by transgender prisoners that “when searches were being conducted a male officer was present in addition to a female officer.”

Nowhere in the article was it revealed that two transgender prisoners in Limerick women’s prison are, in fact, biologically male – both violent, dangerous, sex offenders, the kind of prisoner kept in isolation precisely because they are a danger to the actual females prisoners who are mostly incarcerated for petty crimes.

One of the transgender prisoners has ten convictions for sexual assault including a conviction for sexually assaulting his step-son and threatening to break the child’s arms and legs.

Another is the infamous Barbie Kardashian, who was repeatedly described by the Irish media in the past week as a woman – while previous misleading reports around his horrific, violent behaviour claimed he was a “homicidal girl”.

Kardashian has now been sentenced after being found guilty of seven counts of threatening to kill, rape, torture or cause serious harm to his mother.

The sentencing judge, Tom O’Donnell, said that the psychiatric reports on Kardashian made for “chilling and disturbing” reading.


Barbie Kardashian is an extremely violent man. The media and the law are facilitating him. – Gript

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