St. Margaret of Clitherow

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Margaret was born in 1556 in Middleton, England. Her father was a wax chandler and both her parents were Protestants. She was not only very attractive but also had a charming personality. In 1571 she married John Clitherow, a well-to-do butcher, and they had three children.

About three years into their marriage, Margaret converted to the Catholic faith. She was a fervent Christian and believed in living her faith to the fullest. She often risked her life harboring priests. She had two chambers where she provided shelter for priests who were fleeing persecution and arrest. One chamber was attached to her home and the other was in another part of the city. Margaret enabled these priests to offer Mass continually, even during the height of the persecutions. Some of the priests were martyred and Margaret herself wished for such a grace. To die for her Lord would be her greatest deed.


St. Margaret of Clitherow

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