Stop sex-education radicals from infiltrating schools

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Poorly worded guidance has encouraged teachers to use ‘resources’ produced by ideological groups.

Primary school children putting their hands in the air

Imagine you attend a training course at work. Your manager stands up and begins a PowerPoint presentation. He proceeds to show you and your colleagues a series of explicit images and graphic descriptions of sex acts that you might like to try. You are then asked to tell the group what you feel about masturbation.

Most adults would find this horrifying. If compelled to take part in this “training”, you may be able to sue your employer for sexual harassment. Yet this is a situation experienced by children in British schools in Relationships and Sex Education (RSE) lessons. And while some adults might be brave enough to object, children can’t walk out of the classroom or take their school to a tribunal for exposing them to distressing content.


Stop sex-education radicals from infiltrating schools

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