The Synodal Path is in contradiction to Vatican II

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A break with the Council

The Synodal Path is in Contradiction to Vatican II – Part III of the Debate on Current Forms of Synodality.

Synodal Assembly by Peter C. Düren

The Synodal Way claims to stand firmly on the foundation of the Second Vatican Council: “The texts of the Council remain authoritative for today’s reflection on the people of God and the priestly ministry” (Priestly Existence). But a closer look at the texts proves the exact opposite. So it says in the plot text “The celibacy of the priests”: “A higher value of the celibate way of life can no longer be responsibly represented at least since the Second Vatican Council.” Is that correct? No! In fact, the Council says exactly the opposite, namely that the alumni (the candidates for the priesthood) “must clearly recognize the primacy of virginity consecrated to Christ” (OT 10).

Bending of Council statements

Is the bending of Council statements an unfortunate slip-up? no way. The agreed basic text “Priestly Existence Today” claims: “It is no coincidence that the decree on priesthood of the Second Vatican Council does not consistently use the term priest (‘sacerdos’) for the office holder, but ‘presbyter’ (elder, authorized person)”. With this one wants to claim a change in the image of the priest by the Council away from a sacred cult servant to a functionary in the community.

However, this statement is flat untruth. So it says in the aforementioned decree: “Every priest represents Christ according to his level of ordination” (PO 12), and in Latin the term “presbyter” is not used here, as claimed, but “sacerdos”! From the Council’s point of view, the term “presbyter” in no way replaces the term “sacerdos”, but is used to distinguish it from the “episcopus”, both of which have a share in the “sacerdotium” (cf. PO 7).


The Synodal Path is in contradiction to Vatican II

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