Father Cavalcoli, Schillebeeckx and the challenges of the Dominican order. : STILUM CURIAE

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I hope the Dominican theologian Father Giovanni Cavalcoli will forgive me if I go back to writing about him and his interesting and profound reflections on the future of the Church.

The last intervention published on his Facebook page has to do with the role of the Dominican order in the Church and the relationship with the Society of Jesus. In his long and articulated intervention, Father Cavalcoli outlines precise boundaries between the respective competences of the two orders, establishing that it is up to the Dominicans, as sons of Saint Thomas and custodians of his teaching, to elaborate the theology, which the Jesuits will then have to translate into pastoral care, in fidelity to the mission entrusted to them by Saint Ignatius of Loyola, but remaining absolutely faithful to originality and authenticity of the theological message. Roles that jumped in the aftermath of the Second Vatican Council, with the Jesuits who increasingly sought to replace the Dominicans in the study and evolution of theology,

Father Cavalcoli is convinced that it is Pope Francis himself who wants to restore the respective areas of intervention, who in the recent Thomistic conference at the Angelicum in Rome, speaking of the figure of Saint Thomas, seemed to call the Dominicans to rediscover the original charism and to recover the their guiding role, always exercised in the history of the Church, in the field of theological progress.

And naturally, in order for Dominicans and Jesuits to collaborate fraternally and loyally again for the good of the Church and for the defense and propagation of sound doctrine, both orders must free themselves from their respective modernist contaminations.


Padre Cavalcoli, Schillebeeckx e le sfide dell’ordine domenicano. : STILUM CURIAE

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