Night Prayers for Lent ~ Dom Prosper Guéranger

During the season of Lent, the Christian, on preparing for sleep, will unite himself with the Church… 

Schools allowing children to CHANGE their gender without telling parents, report finds – YouTube

‘It’s outrageous that this has been happening for so long in schools.’ Lucy Marsh from the Family Education Trust reacts

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Father Ripperger: Catholic Exorcist EXPOSES Satan’s plan to ruin your Marriage – YouTube

Edictum Conferences: Tom Holland – Why I changed my mind about Christianity – YouTube

Title: Why I changed my mind about ChristianitySpeaker: Tom Holland (historian & author of Dominion) Edictum Conferences: Tom Holland –

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Dr John Campbell: Vaccine Safety, Lockdowns and Long COVID – YouTube

Dr John Campbell is a retired nurse educator best known for his YouTube video commentary during the pandemic. Since the

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Andrew Neil on Macron’s mess & Douglas Murray on deluded MPs – The Week in 60 Minutes | SpectatorTV – YouTube

On this week’s episode, Spectator chairman Andrew Neil and contributor Jonathan Miller discuss Macron’s pension reforms, columnist Douglas Murray says

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Latest! Scandal on Violating the Seal of Confession w/ Michael Hitchborn – YouTube

This Is What Happens When A Nation Abandons Its Fundamental Values  | Ep. 1140 – YouTube

Today on the Matt Walsh Show, a new survey reveals that all of the fundamental values that once defined our

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Cardinal Müller speaks of an hour of great tragedy caused by Roman silence

Why the synod process will eventually fail – Catholic Herald

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