Why the synod process will eventually fail – Catholic Herald

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Early this month, a colloquium was held at Boston College called “The Way Forward: Pope Francis, Vatican II and Synodality”. The gathering was the second meeting of this particular group of 80 participants to discuss synodality, the amorphous call by Pope Francis for the Church to “walk together”, to continue the reception of Vatican II.

 In an article about this in America Magazine, the author captured my attention with this comment:

“I confess that I was not as enthusiastic about the synod process as some of the participants when I first arrived…the concept of synodality is a bit confusing, even to seasoned Catholics, and the global synod process has struck me as unwieldy and ultimately not as representative of Catholic opinion as it is sometimes argued. One fact: Only 1 per cent of Catholics in the United States took part in the process.”

This is the reality of a process which has been broadly criticised as unworkable from the beginning. I know many faithful Catholics who took part because they felt they had something valuable to contribute and wanted their perspective to form part of the discussion.


Why the synod process will eventually fail – Catholic Herald

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