Is G*d trans*? asks Catholic trans* religion teacher

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Theo Schenkel criticizes trans*bashing in the Nashville shooting

The trans*religion teacher Theo Schenkel thinks: An open church should welcome trans* people. Their experiences are a “treasure”. However, it is not only today that Schenkel wants to celebrate the international day of trans*visibility. A guest post.

Theo Schenkel*

The international day of trans*visibility (transgender day of visibility) is celebrated annually on March 31st. So far, the day has mostly been observed in the queer community or in secular society.

However, the date should actually be just as interesting for the Catholic Church. After all, trans* people are not particularly visible in the Catholic Church either. The Day of Trans* Visibility can be an important reminder for the Catholic Church to make trans* people visible in the church and in church history and to take their spiritual needs seriously.

The asterisk

Trans* is spelled with * to include terms like transgender, transident, and trans and to make it clear that there are many different forms of trans*genderness.


Is G*d trans*? asks Catholic trans* religion teacher

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