Watch: Man pours yoghurt over heads of women without hijabs

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Incident in Mashad comes as Iran’s judiciary chief threatens to prosecute women who defy strict rules on head coverings ‘without mercy’

A video of a man pouring yoghurt over the heads of two women who were not wearing hijabs has caused outrage in Iran.

The incident in the holy city of Mashad came as Iran’s judiciary chief threatened to prosecute women who defy the country’s strict rules on head coverings “without mercy”.

In the video, which surfaced as Iranians celebrated Nowruz, or the new year, a mother and daughter can be seen at a shop counter.

A man who noticed that neither was wearing a hijab then enters the shop and confronts them before dumping a large tub of yoghurt over their heads.

Mohammad Abtahi, an advisor to the former president Mohammad Khatami, condemned the “vicious attack” and called for the notorious morality police – the enforcers of Iran’s laws governing the way women can dress – to be disbanded.

Iranians voiced outrage to the incident on social media, with one likening it to a series of acid attacks targeting women beginning in 2014


Watch: Man pours yoghurt over heads of women without hijabs

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