Progressive Catholics in Germany declare themselves in schism

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The Synodal Path advocates a participation of lay people in baptism and preaching – the Vatican rejects this. This means that the Church in Germany may have to go its own way, writes the “Maria 2.0” initiative.

In view of the most recent letter from the Vatican, the group “Maria 2.0” is in favor of greater independence for the Catholic Church in Germany. Triggered by the abuse scandal in the church, committed people at the request of the German Bishops’ Conference had struggled for three and a half years to find a common way out of the crisis and for reforms in the Catholic Church, the group said on Sunday in Essen, with a view to the resolutions of the Synodal Path reform movement . “But before the smallest possible step can be taken, Rome will veto it.”

In a letter that became known on Thursday, the Vatican had spoken out against a significant upgrading of lay people roles at baptisms and sermons in the Church. Permission for laypersons to preach is one of the central demands of the Synodal Way reform project in Germany, but this is not mentioned in the letter. The initiative launched by the German bishops and the Central Committee of German Catholics came to an end in early March. At their last general meeting in Frankfurt, the delegates approved a corresponding paper.


Progressive Catholics in Germany declare themselves in schism

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