Asian bishops play it safe, offer no clear vision for Asia

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The Bangkok document produced on the FABC’s 50th anniversary falls short of the lofty expectations set for it

Fifty years of the Federation of Asian Bishops’ Conferences (FABC) and its sterling contribution deserved to be celebrated. The event held in Bangkok over a span of 18 days last October was graced by a large number of Church leaders, representatives of the people of God, and a host of experts.

This momentous occasion provided an opportunity to envision the future of FABC’s service and renew its commitment to its mission in these critical times. Like the previous ones, the assembly in Bangkok exuded an atmosphere of friendship, bonhomie, and pastoral and cultural exchange. The much-awaited final document was officially released on March 15.

Reading through it, I found it challenging to identify a clear vision that holds together the entire document, lending it strength and consistency. The absence of a unified vision is palpable in the whole document. There is an attempt to give some semblance of cohesion by resorting to the biblical narrative of the visit of the three Magi and referencing various moments of their journey. While analogies and metaphors can be helpful to a certain extent, relying solely on them may risk appearing superficial and merely attempting to fill gaps in the document.


Asian bishops play it safe, offer no clear vision for Asia – UCA News

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