‘Bible-believing’ school guidance counselors placed on leave over ‘misgendering,’ ‘conversion therapy’ allegations

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LGBT advocates call for action against ‘Christian ideology;’ teachers’ union slams ‘Christian paradigm’ of US history

Three Christian school guidance counselors in Massachusetts have been placed on leave after a school newspaper used anonymous sources to accuse the counselors of engaging in so-called “conversion therapy” and not using the chosen pronouns of trans-identified students.

An attorney for Hector Santos, Delinda Dykes and Tania Cabrera says the Amherst Regional Middle School (ARMS) student-run newspaper used anonymous sources — later cited by other news outlets — that potentially put the Christian counselors’ safety at risk by granting anonymity to the article’s sources.

Among the allegations: that Santos performed “conversion therapy” before school hours in Amherst schools, Dykes prayed against a so-called LGBT “demon” and “handed out chocolate crucifixes,” and that all three failed to refer to students by using their self-declared pronouns, according to attorney Ryan McLane, who is representing the three employees.

So-called “conversion therapy,” which is often used by churches and ministries to help counsel people with unwanted same-sex attraction and is known as sexual orientation change efforts therapy, was banned in Massachusetts for minors in 2019.


Christian school guidance counselors placed on leave | U.S. News

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