Spiritual Reading for Monday after Corpus Christi ~ St Alphonsus Liguori

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Spiritual Reading



God is charity; and he that abideth in charity abideth in God, and God in him-(l Jo. iv. 16). He who loves Jesus dwells with Jesus, and Jesus with him. If any one love me … my Father will love him; and we will come to him, and will make our abode with him-(Jo. xiv. 23). When St. Philip Neri received the Holy Communion as Viaticum, on seeing the Most Blessed Sacrament enter his room, he exclaimed: “Behold, my Love! Behold all my Good! Hasten and give me my Love!” Let each one of us, then, say here in the presence of Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament: Behold my Love! Behold the object of all my love for my whole life and for all eternity!

Since, then, my Lord and my God, Thou hast said in the Gospel that he who loves Thee will be beloved by Thee, and that Thou wilt come and dwell in him, and never more leave him, I love Thee above every other good. Do Thou then, also, love me: for I, indeed, esteem being loved by Thee above all the kingdoms of the world. Come and fix Thy dwelling in the poor house of my soul in such a way as Thou mayest no more depart from me. Thou dost not go, if Thou art not expelled; but as I have already done this, so I may do again. Ah, never allow such a fresh act of wickedness, such horrible ingratitude to be perpetrated in the world, as that I, who have been so specially favoured by Thee, and who have received so many graces, should again drive Thee from my soul! But this might happen. I, therefore, my Lord, desire death, if it so please Thee; that by dying united to Thee, I may live united to Thee for ever. Yes, my Jesus, for this I hope. I embrace Thee; I press Thee to my poor heart; grant that I may always love Thee, and always be beloved by Thee. Yes, my most amiable Redeemer, I will always love Thee; and Thou wilt always love me. I trust that our love will ever be mutual, O God of my soul, and this for all eternity. Amen.

Ejac. My Jesus, I desire always to love Thee, and always to be beloved by Thee.


My Jesus, I believe that Thou art truly present in the Most Holy Sacrament. I love Thee above all things, and I desire to possess Thee within my soul. Since I am unable now to receive Thee sacramentally, come at least spiritually into my heart. I embrace Thee as already there, and unite myself wholly to Thee; never permit me to be separated from Thee.


They that work by me shall not sin-(Ecclus. xxiv. 30). He, says Mary, who endeavours to honour me shall persevere to the end. They that explain me shall have life everlasting-(Ecclus. xxiv. 31); and those who endeavour to make me known and loved by others, will be of the number of the Elect. Promise, then, that whenever you can, be it in public or in private, you will speak of the glories of Mary, and of devotion to her.

Ejac. Vouchsafe that I may praise thee, most sacred Virgin!

Concluding Prayer

Most holy Immaculate Virgin and my Mother Mary, to thee, who art the Mother of my Lord, and Queen of the world, the advocate, the hope, the refuge of sinners, I have recourse today I, who am the most miserable of all. I render thee my most humble homage, 0 great Queen, and I thank thee for all the graces thou hast conferred on me until now, particularly for having delivered me from hell, which I have so often deserved. I love thee, 0 most amiable Lady; and for the love which I bear thee, I promise to serve thee always, and to do all in my power to make others love thee also. I place in thee all my hopes; I confide my salvation to thy care. Accept me for thy servant, and receive me under thy mantle, 0 Mother of Mercy. And since thou art so powerful with God, deliver me from all temptations, or rather obtain for me the strength to triumph over them until death. Of thee I ask a perfect love of Jesus Christ. From thee I hope to die a good death.

O my Mother, for the love which thou bearest to God, I beseech thee to help me at all times, but especially at the last moment of my life. Leave me not, I beseech thee, until thou seest me safe in Heaven, blessing thee, and singing thy mercies for all eternity. Amen. So I hope. So may it be.

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