Evening Meditations for the Thirteenth Wednesday After Pentecost~ St Alphonsus Liguori

The Cross began to torture Jesus Christ before He was nailed upon it; for after He was condemned by Pilate, the Cross on which He was to die was given Him to carry to Calvary, and, without refusing, He took it upon His shoulders. Speaking of this, St. Augustine writes: “If we regard the wickedness of His tormentors, the insult was great; if we regard the love of Jesus, the mystery is great; for in carrying the Cross, our Captain then lifted up the Standard under which His followers upon this earth must be enrolled and fight, in order to be made His companions in the kingdom of Heaven.”

Today’s ✠Challoner Meditation: August 30th

Today’s ✠Challoner Meditation

Carissimi: Today’s Mass; St Rose of Lima

Carissimi: Today’s Mass; St Rose of Lima

Spiritual Reading for Wednesday – Thirteenth Week After Pentecost

If Holy Mary, then, as the already destined Mother of our common Redeemer, received from the very beginning the office of Mediatress of all men, and consequently even of the Saints, it was also requisite from the very beginning she should have a grace exceeding that of all the Saints for whom she was to intercede. I will explain myself more clearly.

Morning Meditation for Wednesday – Thirteenth Week after Pentecost ~ St Alphonsus Liguori

You have not come into this world for the sake of enjoyment, to grow rich and powerful; to eat, to drink, to sleep like irrational animals, but solely to love your God and work out your eternal salvation. And is this the object I have had hitherto in view?