Spiritual Reading for Monday – Nineteenth Week After Pentecost

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Spiritual Reading


When the holy mother was at Toledo, a priest told her that the accomplishment of the Reform was a hopeless undertaking; but Teresa with dauntless courage, consoled every one, and confiding in God, replied, that in spite of opposition, all would prosper for the best. When, on her journeys, she came to any dangerous part of the road, she would be the first to pass over it, encouraging the rest by her example. Full of confidence in her Lord, she was not afraid even of hell itself; she used to say, she no more feared the demons than the flies. She was never known to grieve or to rejoice at any occurrence, whether favourable or unfavourable, but was ever calm and equable, in the midst of a profound peace; ever constant in her sweet hope, persuaded that God cannot fail one that serves Him, and puts his confidence in Him. It was, then, upon this hope that Teresa rested all the prayers she addressed to God. And as she did not know how to ask Him for anything but what might contribute to the good pleasure of her Lord, the prayers of this His holy spouse were so acceptable to God, that He even went so far as to promise to grant her everything she would ask of Him.

Learn, O devout soul, how God listens to the prayer that is offered with confidence. Ask, then, with confidence and you shall receive whatever you desire. Heaven and earth may fail you, but the Word of God Who has said: Everyone that asketh, receiveth (Matt. vii. 8), cannot fail. He that asks, obtains, even when he does not at all deserve to obtain what he asks, as St. Thomas says. On the other hand, he who does not ask, does not obtain. Behold then, on what our victory, in time of temptation, depends: Praising I will call upon the Lord and I shall be saved from my enemies (Ps. xvii. 4). Let us have recourse to God and we shall be conquerors. Behold, on what all our good depends: Ask, and you shall receive (Jo. xvi. 24). Let us ask, and it will be given us. Our Saint used to say: “For gaining Divine graces, prayer is the only gate: shut this, and I know not how God shall bestow them. Let us observe that our Father and God not only takes care of us, but that He is ever full of anxiety for our good, as He gives us to understand in the Holy Scriptures.” Let us pray, then, with confidence; let us pray to God in the Name of Jesus Christ, His Son, Who has made us this promise: If you ask the Father anything in my name, he will give it to you (Jo. xvi. 23). God always takes care of us. The Lord is careful for me (Ps. xxxix. 18). And the Prophet says it is easier for a mother to forget her child than for God to forget us. It will be enough to show God our miseries and say to Him with the leper in the Gospel: Lord, if thou wilt, thou canst make me clean (Matt. viii. 2); or with the Sister of Lazarus: He whom thou lovest is sick (Jo. xi. 3); but we ought always to pray and not to faint (Luke xviii. 1). The day we leave off prayer, we shall fall.

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