Evening Meditations for the Twenty-fourth Sunday After Pentecost~ St Alphonsus Liguori

Through fear of losing his kingdom the wicked Herod sought the life of the Divine Child. St. Fulgentius contemplating little Jesus flying into Egypt, tenderly exclaims: “Why art thou troubled, O Herod? The King Who is just now born comes not to overthrow other kings by force of arms, but to subjugate them by dying for them.” As though he had said: The King of Heaven is not come to conquer us by war, but by love; He is not come to put us to death, but to rescue us from death by dying for us. Hence it is that Jesus may indeed be styled the King of Love.

Today’s ✠Challoner Meditation: November 12th If any man will come after me, let him deny himself, Mtt xvi.24

A brief meditation for Christians from Bishop ✠Richard Challoner for everyday of the year.

The Fifth Sunday after Epiphany ~ Dom Prosper Guéranger

During this brief period, the Church no longer dwells on the mysteries of our Lord’s infancy. She listens to His teachings and admires His miracles, but she selects no special circumstances of His life… 

Carissimi; Today’s Mass: St Martin I of Rome

Carissimi; Today’s Mass: St Martin I of Rome

Spiritual Reading for Sunday – Twenty-fourth Week After Pentecost

Whosoever loves God, loves solitude. There the Lord communicates Himself more familiarly to souls, because there He finds them less entangled in worldly affairs, and more detached from earthly affections. Hence, St. Jerome exclaimed: “O solitude, in which God speaks and converses familiarly with His servants.” O blessed solitude, in which God speaks and converses with His beloved ones with great love and confidence! The Lord is not in the earthquake (3 Kings, xix. 11).

Morning Meditation for Sunday – Twenty-fourth Week after Pentecost ~ St Alphonsus Liguori

Come ye blessed of my Father! (Matt. xxv. 34). Such will be the glorious sentence which in the day of triumph God will pronounce in favour of those who have loved Him. O faithful souls, who love God, be not troubled if you are despised and humiliated in this world. Your sorrow shall be turned into joy!