Old Romans are simply orthodox Catholics, nothing more, nothing less; who believe what Catholics have always believed, worship as Catholics in the Latin Rite have always worshiped and live as Catholics have always lived. 

✠Jerome Seleisi

Our Mission

The Old Roman is an online newsletter, bulletin, journal and magazine for traditional Old Romans, faithful Catholics to the perennial liturgy and customs of the Latin Rite and orthodox apostolic teaching. A central point of news, views and information to assist Old Romans everywhere to live their faith confidently in a troubled world.

Our History

Old Romans are distinguishable from other contemporary Catholics by their adherence to perennial Catholic Tradition; all the Sacraments are administered using the traditional Latin Rite forms and the Mass is offered according to the Tridentine Rite. Old Roman communities are served by clergy committed to Catholic Tradition and overseen by bishops who take seriously their charge to be shepherds of Christ’s flock, ensuring that only the traditional Catholic faith is preached and taught.

Old Roman communities can be found all over the world with a presence on every continent reflecting the lives, circumstances and lived experiences of the people locally they seek to serve. Some communities have their own chapels/churches, many have to rent or borrow from other churches, some have to meet like the Early Church did in each other’s homes – or even in cemeteries! But wherever Old Romans gather they do so primarily to offer the best they can in worship of God and in service of each other.

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