Today’s Homily: 7th August 2021

“… every successful reform in the Church has been founded on a call to personal holiness… the same is true today… the only proper, right and correct response to the crisis in the Church today is for orthodox Catholics to strive, improve and regain their personal holiness… to work out their salvation in fear and trembling… ”

Today’s Homily: 6th August 2021

“… at the moment we receive the holy Communion we experience transfiguration… realising in the present moment that which will one day be and that which was 2000 years ago… and after we are sent out “ite missa est”… and the challenge of the Christian life is, how long can you keep this transfiguration going until the next holy Communion… ”

Today’s Homily: 4th August 2021

“… Modernism is an insidious and pernicious infection… essentially manifest in extreme subjectivism… vanity of vanities… relativizing truth… inhibiting the victim from being able to overcome their pride…”

Carissimi: Today’s Mass; St Dominic, Confessor

God has never refused me what I have asked, said Saint Dominic. How could God refuse to respond to the single intention of His Saints, which is His own — the salvation and sanctification of souls? Saint Dominic has left us the Rosary that we may learn, with Mary’s help, to ask what pleases God, and then to pray easily and simply with the same trust.

Carissimi: Today’s Mass; Finding of the Body of St Stephen

This second festival in honour of the holy protomartyr Saint Stephen was instituted by the Church on the occasion of the discovery of his precious remains. His body had long lain concealed under the ruins of an old tomb in Caphargamala, a place twenty miles from Jerusalem, where there was a church served by a venerable priest named Lucian.

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