The Birth Of Christ Is The Birth Of Peace | Pope St Leo The Great – YouTube

A Christmas Message from Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò – YouTube

Anglican Communion general secretary steps down

‘There are still divisions within the Anglican Communion; but there is very little of the bitterness and rancour that existed

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Archbishop Lefebvre’s Letter to Pope John Paul II – YouTube

Then Father (now Bishop) Williamson reads a letter that Archbishop Lefebvre sent to Pope John Paul II concerning the New

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Archbishop Lefebvre Sermon at Lille, France – 1976 – YouTube

An excerpt from the documentary of Archbishop Lefebvre: © 2015 For more information, go to or to purchase the

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Live Eruption on La Palma, Canary Islands – YouTube

On a peaceful Sunday afternoon the side of a hill erupted suddenly – spewing smoke and ash in to the

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Canadian Catholic bishops apologize for residential schools | Crux Now

OTTAWA, Ontario— Catholic bishops in Canada apologized Friday “unequivocally” to Indigenous peoples for the suffering endured in residential schools, just

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See How We Love Each Other? — Integrated Catholic Life™

“When will we wake up and remember that divisiveness is not a sign of Christianity?” See How We Love Each

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Sin Is Shiny and Enticing — and Deadlier Than You Realize| National Catholic Register

“Begone, Satan! What you offer me is evil. Drink the poison yourself.” —St. Benedict Medal Inscription Sin Is Shiny and

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Is there a petrol shortage in the UK and why are fuel stations closing?

A lack of HGV drivers is delaying the refuelling of petrol forecourts and prompting fuel rationing – but motorists should

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